Monday, April 5, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Door

At our school Teacher Appreciation is always at the beginning of May.
I thought I would post a few ideas that we did last year.
Last year, in kindergarten...I was my sons room mom.
We LOVED our kindergarten teacher and wanted to make sure that she had a great week!

This is what the teacher walked in to on Monday, the first day of Teacher Appreciation week.
She likes gardening, so the flowers were the start to a theme throughout the week.

I came in for a couple of weeks before T.A.W. and took pictures of the kids...and did some projects with them.
One of the things we did...was to decorate these petals. Each child got to pick their color and decorate them however they wanted.
EARLY on Monday morning, I came in and put them together on her door...(We used the inside of the door, because, for the most-part, it remains open all of the time...and if it were closed, she could see the flowers.

One of the best things though, was that the centers were empy, and I hung a pen from each flower, so that the parents could also leave notes for her.
They turned out so great!

More ideas to come!

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