Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Gift

The last day of teacher appreciation week was the day that we decided would be gift day.

It was a neat day, because many of the kids brought in their gifts for Mrs. A...
We also had a gift we made as a class.
Our class gift to Mrs. A was a book. Each child had a page.

(This is the cover...with a poem I wrote and the class picture)
For 2 weeks prior I came in and interviewed the kids about Mrs. A. I had a series of questions, and I wrote down, word for word what they said.
It was SOOOOOOO fun! So many were just the sweetest things, that only the innocent mind of a child could put into words!

I also did handprints, and I took a class picture and had the kids all write their own name.

On each of the pages, was a picture of each child, their handprint and their interview answers.
The second page was, Robert Fulghum's All I really need to know, I learned in Kindergarten...

Here are some sample pages...

This was the back inside cover. Another class picture with goofy faces...and another little poem...
Then on that blue space, the kids were supposed to draw a little picture for her, but they all ended up writing their names again....which still turned out great!

This is the back cover. There is a pencil drawing picture (done on photoshop) just for fun. Then the Storytellers Creed...which I love!

I was so proud of the finished product...
I so loved that class!!!!!
She loved it!

So that concludes last years teacher appreciation week..
I hope you found a little inspiration!


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  1. Thank for the ideas, my friend! There should be a Raelyn appreication day...for all that you do! Thank you