Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making a Treasure box pinata #2

So...what started out as a great, cost effective, way to make a pinata for my sons birthday party...turned into HOURS upon HOURS of filthy, sticky, work...that was not only the labor of putting the thing together, but the mental, creative side that had to figure out how to put it together and make it look like the goal outcome...

I would say that when it was ALL done...I easily spent 20, spread out, hours on it. BUT, having said that...it turned out AWESOME and worked just like, if not better than, a store bought pinata.

So here, I removed the inner box...which I designed the whole thing around...this was hard, and I more-or-less had to rip and cut it out because the glue leaked through the cracks of the tin foil, but it didn't hurt the pinata...it is really strong.

Then I covered that open side with paper mache...and added 6 layers to it to make it as strong as all the other sides. Of course, letting each one dry before applying the next. You have to leave a hole in order to insert the candy. This will be covered later.

Here it is all dry...

I also made sure to remember where that hole was on the pinata...because in case it was too strong and the kids were unable to break it, I knew it would be a bit of a weak point...and a place we could easily help it break open.

So anyway, I filled it with the candy and duct taped STRONGLY the open hole.

**TIP**--I put the candy in goodie bags evenly distributed. One for each child. I didn't want anyone to be upset about not getting the same amount as anyone else. So when it broke open the bags flew out and everyone got to grab one. It worked out SOOOOOO well! These kids were all 5 and 6. The "hunt" of candy is good for older kids, I think, but the younger sets...they get too upset and frustrated, and not everyone moves at the same pace either. You could also put the actual goodie bags in the pinata, that would be kind of fun too.**

Then for the dome top...I just used posterboard, attached with duct tape.

Then I covered that with paper mache, but I only did 3 coats, as it doesn't hold any candy, and is only to finish the shape. Its structure doesn't need to be strong...plus I thought it would be funny, if the kids cracked it open and nothing came out... :)Hee Hee Hee

So, I contemplated painting it...I knew I could do that easily. I just knew there would be many bumps and imperfections that I couldn't cver.
I thought about using streamers like the pinatas at the store....but they don't make a gold or a brown streamer...
I thought about tissue paper, wrapped around the end of a pencil (totally old school) and then gluing it on (you know what I mean right??? but didn't know how I could make it look right...
so, anyway...this is what I came up with...

This is gold gift wrap tissue paper that I found at the Party Store. I cut it into strips, (thicker then I did the newspaper for macheing), and then frayed the ends.

At this time, I drilled holes to the sides in the lower, stronger part (where the candy has been added) and strung rope from one hole, through the middle, and out the other hole...in order to be hung securely from our deck...

At this point, I was kind of winging it. I didn't know how it was going to look. But, as I applied the tissue, the frayed ends, just automatically curled up...I couldn't believe it...

It took a while, but I did cover the whole thing...
I just put each row on with a little string of elmers glue.
It was messy...but easy!

And finally, it was time to put the details on...
I used streamers.
Oh...it was so good all done!!!
No really,

I was SO proud of how it came out!

I told Hubby that none of those kids better touch my pinata! :) But they did...and crushed it to shreds!

It was THE hit of the party for sure, and I was so happy with how it came out!
The MEMORIES made the time and mess and work SOOOOO worth it....
(This is Little having the first go at it.)
Would I do it again...???????
I already have next years planned out!



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