Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Bouquet

Day two was flower day for Teacher Appreciation Week.
Again sporting the gardening theme, we wanted to make our AMAZING kindergarten teacher smile...(She was 7 months prego at the time...and was still there, every single day, making our kids smarter and happier...and we SOOOOO appreciated her!)

The idea was that each child was to bring one or a few cut flowers of any kind to the teacher.
I was worried however, that many would not come with flowers and feel left out...
So I ended up going to Costco and buying a mixed bouquet, and a bouquet of her favorites...Gerber Daisies.
Then we stood out front, where the kids line up, and handed out one flower to each child.

Inside, on Mrs. A's desk was a large vase with the above tag tied on (which I made with my cricut)

They were then to go in and hand Mrs. A her flower.
Slowly, her bouquet got larger...

And larger...

The BEST part, for me, was being in the classroom. Seeing the faces of the kids.
They were SO proud of themselves.
Especially those kids, who maybe otherwise, would have had nothing to give....
It was THE best part!

Until is was finally a HUGE, beautiful, bouquet!

Just takes the time of being there early...and makes a big impact on our wonderful teachers!

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