Thursday, April 1, 2010

My NEW craft space!!!

I share my craft space with my kids playroom.
It is a room that has ALWAYS taken a backseat to the rest of the house.

We did paint it this ridiculous blue (which, as is usually the case, seemed completely OK at the time...) NOTE TO SELF...repaint playroom...
We have tried, really tried, to make it an organized, pleasing room...but really, it has never been right.
Needless to say, my craft space LOOKED very used, but never was.
My things sat there...trying to be organized...but really, one pile would lead to another pile, which would lead to another. There was no order.

In NO order comes chaos.
Some chaos I like, some I don't...I don't like the kind that makes my head hurt.
This kind made me NEVER want to be in that room... *insert evil laugh here*

Time to take the reigns and make it mine....
This is my OLD desk!
I forgot to take a TRUE before picture...with my monsterous piles of CRAPOLA on top!
Long ago, I loved the idea of the desk. It was from Ikea, and had a HUGE desk surface area. It had a lot of places to stack things and organize...but...

All of the drawers underneath are from Michaels. They look like they belong...but they just fit nicely underneath.
My other {storage}, and I do say that with lump in my throat :), was mismatched rubbermaid drawers etc...and was just too young...does that make sense??? I felt like I was still in college.

So, I was on a big big mission. I was on Craigslist, probably 5 times a day, everyday for a month...before I found something that I thought would be great....
Here she is.....I LOOOOOOOVE her!

I spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time in this room after we got the desk. My husband left town...and I spent my LOOOONG nights down there...just moving piles from one corner to the other. It was such a mess, and so unorganized, that I just sometimes felt like I was spinning in circles.

Eventually though, I got some order, and it started looking pretty good.

I made a little hold all of my inspiration (you should see the board now) put some of my doo dads that need to be own inspirational "be" from the dollar spot of Michaels...and my crafting angel. :)

To the left of my desk are all of those drawers/paper stoarage that I got at Michaels.
They are all completely organized with stickers and stamps, tools and card making materials...
They are ALL labeled.
It is A-MAZNG!
My Cricut is ontop, with a small drawer organizer next to it...(which has my little things, like glitter, beads, and a couple of current projects....) I am still going to paint that...(I think a pop of color....)

The hubby put up these shelves for me just a few hours before he took off for his business trip...but he put them way to high for this SHORT chica....
So I took the top two down and hung them 5 inches, each, lower.

I ADORE the way they came out! They are SO nice for storage!
They started out just being junk shelves that were in our garage collecting dust.
The hubby dug them out for me, I painted them white and we bought the cheapo brackets at Lowes.
Wait...did I say that I love them???
I got all of the jars at Walmart in the kitchen section. They are glass, not plastic. There are 3 different sizes.
I want to get more...I like looking at them all filled. They make me smile!
I love them!
Oh yes, didja notice????

The tin buckets are from the dollar spot at Target. (labeled) ;)

The tin planters are also from the dollar spot at Target...
I taped off and painted chalkboard paint labels on them.

**(one note...The chalkboard paint DID want to lift as I took off the I just held it down at the corner, sort of like you do with vinyl...and then the rest peeled off just fine. It is obvious that I COULD just peel off the paint if I tried...but as long as you don't pick at is just fine)

The "r" is a note pad...and it is from matches my "be"

This is how it all looks together, again.
I just like to look at it! It makes me feel so good!

Here is a look at the overall desk space.
The right side has my sewing machine...that I am just learning how to really use.
The left is for paper crafting the Cricut is over there on the end with all of my supplies.
The middle, (now) has my laptop on it.

Oh this was my "splurge" for the project. I bought it at Michaels, as it matches all of my drawers etc. I used the 40% coupon, so it wasn't that bad, I guess....
I just needed that small storage space...for all of the little things that just have no other place, but that you use all of the time....
But doesn't it look good???!

**Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh** {angels sing...}

So just one more time.....just because it is SO fun for me!....


**Soon to come....the REST of this room.....the PLAYROOM!


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  2. followed you from BF...I love what you did here:)
    Looking forward to seeing the playroom!