Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pirate Party Ideas

We had a pirate party for Middle's last birthday.

Just thought I would post a few ideas from it....

First we did a craft. ((I don't know why the picture isn't very good...))
I had collected paper towel, and toilet paper rolls for a long time before. I put a layer of paper mache over them with black construction paper as my material.
I bought all kinds of foam stickers, and glitter and "jewels".
I wrote their names inside and the kids went to town.
By the time they all left, they were dry and ready to take home!

I made this giant shark on a thin piece of scrap fiberboard. Much like what is put on the back of a bookshelf these days.
Hubby cut out the mouth for me after I free handed the shark.
Then I painted it!

It served two AWESOME purposes.
Originally it was to be a water balloon toss (which, by the way, was the HIT of the party)...
It also became a picture taking opportunity!
I took pictures of each child, which ended up being a part of their thank you cards.

We did a coin dig.
We buried 80 coins in the sandbox.
The kids were given paper cups, and a plastic spoon ONLY.
They were not allowed to use their hands.

X marks the spot...
I made this using foam board. I printed off the symbols from our friendly Internet.
Each child had an "X", which were from Michael's, and made of wood and felt.
I used puff paints to write all of the kids names on them.

Finally, was the pinata...that I already showed how to make.
Inside the pinata, the candy was already pre-measured and put into goodie bags, to account for different ages, and abilities.
It is hanging from our deck, and worked out SO perfectly!

I made a treasure chest cake, that I found on Family Fun's website, and I also found a version on Betty Crocker.

It is a chocolate cake, with chocolate icing.
Simply, baked in a loaf pan, letting the dome top happen naturally.
Cut open and filled with treasure-like goodies.
Then the cupcakes were meant to be "jewels".

The kids LOVED it!
As usual, the ice cream was served up in muffin liners, which is my favorite birthday party tip!!! As seen HERE.

It was a great party, and one of my favorite themes ever!
Could be changed up to meet most any age range!!!

Hope you found some ideas!



  1. What is the badge the boy in the last pic is wearing, and the x marks the spot, was it a game? All the ideas are so cute. Thanx for sharing. Kelli Hansen

  2. Hi Kelli-
    I bought that badge at party city and it was a pirates of the carribean badge. I thought it was too "real" looking and old for a 6 years party, so I made that one by finding a picture on the internet, sizing it, and printing it off. I added two red jewels on either side and wrote CAPTAIN TYLER on it.
    I also made the game X marks the spot. Same thing, pictures from the internet that were printed, and I made little creative "shipwreck island" etc...and made the dotted lines for the connecters. It was played just like pin the tail...except it was pin the X. The goal was to get the treasure box filled with gold in the middle.
    Thanks for your question!