Sunday, April 11, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Gardening Basket

On day four....
We created a gardening basket.
At our school, teachers fill out a form for their room parents, which includes their hobbies, and favorites, and needs...etc... Mrs A, wrote that she loves to garden...which is why we used the theme.
All of the kids were supposed to bring in something that pertained to, seeds, garden stakes, anything....

We had a big huge bucket, in Mrs A's favorite color...and we added some of the larger the watering can, and sunscreen and a perennial flower with some seeds...etc.

One by one, the kids came through the door and we collected their items, and filled the bucket.

After class started...we came in and presented the bucket to her....with a little thank you speech.

She loved it, and was very touched by the thought....
The kids had ear to ear smiles....
They just loved seeing her happy!


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  1. That is such a thoughtful idea. I bet she LOVED it :) So fun that all of the kids helped, too!
    Thanks for joining my community on Blog Frog!!
    It will be fun learning more about you :)
    {shopper gal}