A Little About Me!

My name is Raelyn and I am lucky enough to be a stay at home wife and  mommy.
I have a wonderful husband
and three amazing kids. 

I work hard on everything I do.
I LOVE.love.LOVE to cook. 
I developed that love as an adult...it grew on me with the impending responsibilities of being a wife...but became a LOVE within just the last few years.

My head is always overflowing with ideas...ideas, wrapped in, and dripping with, the inspiration I have gotten from the many blogs that I frequent...
Of course, thrown in will be a little of my own...maybe something that will even inspire someone else.

I am in a constant act of motion with the grind of routine...kids, school, pets, projects, husband, and home..you know, LIFE...
It seems there is so much chaos sometimes.
However, in the midst of my amazing, everyday chaos...the chaos I long for, and dream about and revel in...
I get to add my sprinkles...
cooking, baking, crafting, photography,
just random creating.

This blog will be just that.

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