Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Fun Buckets

I know I am obviously a little late on this post.

However, I feel like it could totally be adapted to anything...
**Maybe school starting back up with school supplies and a new outfit...
**Or after school fun, with a puzzle book, and a new reading book, and crayons with a color book, or a new game or video game, etc...
**Or just a last super fun day before school starts back up, with movie tickets and popcorn...or a rented movie coupon and goodies, or supplies to make cupcakes.

Hey those are pretty good...I may have to do another one...

I got this idea, originally over at My Mix Of Six.
It will be a yearly tradition for now on!

For the two younger kids, I got large sand buckets. For Teen I used a cool bag.
I used vinyl stickers to write their names on all of their containers.

I filled them with all kind of summer happiness. Water squirter, disney water floats, flip flops, color books, glo sticks, American Flags, beach balls, crayons, books and puzzle books for the older set.

(Teen got 4 pair of flip they are SO important...and variety puzzle books filled with brain games...some Fourth of July goodies, hair bands, some gelly bracelets and a glo stick.)

I put all of them on their spot at the dining room after school they were all found.

They were ABSOLUTELY beside be opeing a "gift" for no reason!
It was a fun way to start the summer.

Now...what will the reason for the next one be?????

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