Thursday, August 5, 2010

On to it.

I am having blog withdrawls.

Summer. What was supposed to be down time to catch up on projects, do the blog, play some, laugh lots...has simply not been that.

I have been playing lots. Organizing. Having no routine. Swimming, slip n' sliding, water parking. Gardening, harvesting. Bike riding, walking. Right now...kind of watching A Goofy Movie with my kiddos.
And So It Goes...
Loving it!

Every day, evening would come...and I would think...Okay, time to blog.
But then the hubby and I would curl up on the couch...and the evening would pass. Watching a movie, catching up on DVR'd shows....etc.

Then I kept feeling like I was so far behind that it was kind of overwhelming to start back up again.

Such is life!

So I decided that I am just going to move ahead.

One foot in front of the other...when I can.
Spending time with the little people is most important to me. Making them laugh, and smile and creating memories.

But I have done lots of projects...gone lots of places...had lots of fun...and I am working on many others as I type.

So I will share them...

I hope everyone elses summer has been as NON eventful as ours!

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