Saturday, April 3, 2010

Playroom Art 1

So I have been working on a few projects for the playroom redo.
I am kind of going in the wrong order, because the biggest project I am going to undergo in here, is to REPAINT the walls. Clearly, I should do that first...but I figure, if I don't get to the painting until summer, then at least the room can look nice.
So here is a start.
{MUCH more to come...}

I bought all of the letters at Joanns.
I purposely wanted them to be mismatched and a little bit random.
The word DREAM is made of the paper mache large letters. They are about 10" high.
The "P" in PLAY and the "D" in READ are also about 10" but they are wood...
The rest of the letters are also wood, and about 7"...

I started out by spray painting them brown (matte), and then also spray painted the edges a metallic copper. I just used Krylon from Lowes. Nothing special...just liked the colors, and they went with my coordinating paper.
In the end, when they were finished, you really couldn't tell I used the metallic much at all.

I had picked scrapbook paper that would work for a boy or a girl...I decided on matching blue and pink papers, with a nice brown as the anchor.

I ModPodged the paper to the letters.
Then I cut the paper around the letters...and, once completely dry, I sanded the edges and distressed them with stain.

I am sorry...but my picture taking obviously took a backseat...usually I get MUCH better, and many more, pictures.
This kind of project has been done many times in blog land though...

I will eventually redo the "M" in was supposed to be done in a paper that was a combo of the pink, blue and brown...but it I had to use what I had extra of.
I still like it who knows if I will get to it.

I attached the word "DREAM" to a skinny wood stick so that they would be evenly spread out. In some of the pictures you can see that stick. I have since painted it brown to match the letters.
For the other letters, I glued ribbon to the back to act as the hook, and then I hung them to the wall.


**As a note....I had a horrible time getting the ModPodged paper to be bubble-free on the paper mache letters. The pictures make it look worse then it is...but there are definitely visible bubbles on the word DREAM.
I really don't know if that is avoidable, or if it is because of the material they are made from. I tried on every letter and just couldn't get it to smooth out.

**Also, The art work intertwined are paintings by my 3 kids.
I love their artwork framed...and as I complete and reveal more from the room, you will see more of the underlying theme is simply going to be the KIDS....


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