Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pink Ladybug Birthday Invitation

So we are getting ready for Little's 4th birthday party. It is her first party where friends will be invited, as she is now in preschool.

So we thought long and hard about the "theme". Every time we came to an agreement, and I started working out the process in my head, she would want to change it.

One day, as we were sitting at the coffee stand that I frequent, which is called Ladybug Latte, she asked my friend who works there, "what would your birthday party be?" in her adorable little tiny voice...My friend DeEtte responded, "probably ladybugs"....and so ended our search. However, she wanted them to be pink. So, from that moment on...PINK ladybugs it was!

I really couldn't find much online for PINK ladybugs, so I was kind of on my own.
On the Family fun website, I found a craft, to make with kids, of a ladybug with moveable I altered that some and made it into an invitation.

My first endeavor was to make the INVITATION!

You need,
~black cardstock scrapbook paper,
~pink (or red) cardstock scrapbook paper.
~2 brads for each bug (preferably black)
~2 cuts of pipe cleaner (about 3 inches long) for each bug.
** How much you actually need, depends on how many invites you are making...

*I used a black background circle, cut with my Cricut in a 5 1/2 inch circle
*The "wings", in pink, are cut at 5 1/4 and then cut in half, so as to open when complete.
*Then I cut multiple black small circles, for the spots in various sizes, from 3/4 inch to 1 1/4 inch.
*The head is also a cicle cut at 2 3/4
*Each 3" pipe cleaner was spun around my finger to curl them.
*I printed the information for the party on the computer, sized it to where it looked good, and cut them in squares (just to make it easier, it would look great in a circle as well).

To put it together...
~I centered the square information sheet on the large black circle.
~I laid the pink half-circles, centered on the large black circle and poked holes where I wanted to put the brads.
~Pop the brads through.
~Glue the head to the back of the large black circle.
~Glue the small spots on the wings.
~Finally, glue the pipe cleaners to the back of the head. (Hot glue works best, but craft glue works fine as long as you leave it to dry!)

They turned out AMAZINGLY cute!
They got MANY compliments!


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