Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A hallway wall...

So, we live in a fairly standard split level house.
Though we have spent YEARS, literally, fixing...changing...remodeling...making it our own...it still is, will forever be...and standard split level layout.

When you come up our stairs there is a long narrow hallway.
It is one of my least favorite areas of our home. There isn't a lot that can be done, because it is, in fact, narrow.

It needed warmth...and a touch of home....
I decided to finally do a picture wall. I big huge wall of collaged pictures!
The wall looked like this....
The color is called Coconut Milk...but with nothing on the walls, it may as well be white...RIGHT?

This was my inspiration.
I DO NOT often buy things that are not clearanced, or goodwill, or garage sale...but I just loved this sign. It spoke to me.
So...I waited until it was on sale, and I bought it.
Then I centered it...and started working around it.

I thought I would just use what I already had...frame-wise. I would go for that eclectic look. I tried to make it sort of even...on each side, so that my sign stayed the focal point.

I hung each one...trying to be semi-semetrical...even though my frames were not.

I have tried to love it.
The hubby has tried to love it.
I DO love that it is done...and that there is some love on the hallway walls...
I just don't love it.
I LOVE symmetry.
I need same sized frames, and same color frames...

I will repaint some of my frames, and buy some new frames...
And redo my hallway wall.
But for now...
I am at least loving that it is...


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