Friday, March 26, 2010

Ladybug party goodie boxes

Time for the goodie bags...or in this case...boxes.
I didn't purchase too many things that were "pre-made". Most all of the decorations and projects etc...were made from scratch. However, the few things that I did find were online at That was the only place that had anything with pink ladybugs. Their prices are great, their shipping was fast...and it turns out, that this particular line of decorations, were made *{super local}* in Kirkland Washington! (which just makes me happy)
One thing that I fell in LOVE with on the site were the goodie boxes!
They were great quality, and OH SO cute!

So, here is the box all put together...

And filled with childhood happiness...
Little has, in my opinion, a GREAT birthday slot...right after Valentine's and right before Easter! Perfect for goodie bag fillers for a little girl!

These are the little tags that I made...

a little love on the back....

Aren't they just all together CUTE! Love.Them!

I adored the way they looked all lined up there.
There are two that have no tags...that were extras, as two girls didn't they became the non-RSVP boxes...(just in case) and then the red bags were different, for the two older boys that were included (one being big brother.)

All coming together...only two days to go!


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