Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is just a cute little birthday idea...
When my daughter turned 17 it was a school day...which means that I wouldn't see her in the morning as high school starts at ridiculous hours of the morning.

So, to make it special for her, until we could celebrate...I did a few little things.
I decorated her bathroom mirror, and I left a trail of little goodies to her bathroom door....
But then I also made this for her lunch...

My kids have Laptop lunch boxes, which come with these AWESOME hard plastic containers for food.
So being that I made her a peanut butter and lettuce sandwich...(ummmmm, ueah, one of her favorites....) I thought I would write, in peanut butter, on top of the sandwich.
I ust used the tip cut off of a ziplock baggie.....

It turned out really cute and because of the containers it stayed intact as well.
She came home saying everyone thought it was really cool.

It was just a little thing that would be a little surprise on her day.
At her age...those things matter most.


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