Thursday, May 27, 2010

End of the Year Teacher Gift

Preschool has come to a close in our neck of the woods.
We needed to do little gifts for Little's teachers.
So, after looking for a while (knowing I was going to do Starbucks gift cards) we decided to make a little basket for each of her teachers, with a BIRDHOUSE theme.
Cute, right??????

So we found these DARLING birdhouses at Michael's.

We picked 4 colors of acrylics, and Little went to town!

She worked so hard and concentrated on both of them.
It was really cute!
When she was all done, we let them dry. We sprinkled a little glitter on top...
I sprayed on two layers of glaze so that they were weather proof.


We wrote a little message on the bottom which was also glaze sealed.

We found both of the little oval buckets at Michael's for 50% off...making then $2.49
The rest of the items are all matching birdhouse themed notepads, magnets, cards key chain, bookmark from the dollar spot at Michael's.
We also added Seattle's Best truffle chocolates in a pretty little bag
Along with their card (which included pictures of Little) and giftcard.

The teachers LOVED the baskets and both said they SO appreciated the hand touch of the painted birdhouse!

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