Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Windowsill Garden

So we have a vegetable garden outside for the first time this year.
We planted tomatoes, sugar snap peas, basil, cilantro, cumcumber, carrots, squash...and then strawberries and blueberries as well.
Most of what we planted were from starters...The kids LOVE to go out to see what changes have happened or what improvements our starters have made.

SO......I thought I would teach them from scratch...
seed by seed, with their own hands.
That way, they could witness the stages...that will eventually land on our table.

My kids LOVE vegetables.
From the time they were babies I fed them fresh foods in all of the colors of the rainbow.
We would try, and try again, until eventually most things became a part of our weekly menu.
Don't get me wrong...with each child there are a few things that only go down with a fight...
But I think, that for the most part my kids are very well-rounded in that department.

I thought having their own little windowsill garden, would be fun for them to learn from.
Where they pick what to plant...then watch it from first sprout, to stir-fry.

My kids planted every seed themselves...
( sons nails are painted. I did a manicure for my daughter...and he wanted to try it we did it for fun. **You KNOW you are lovin' the color**!!!!)
They picked parsely, chives and basil.
Green pepper, yellow tomato and grape tomato.

They talked to each other about which seeds would go where.
We talked about how many seeds to put in each of the little dirt pads.
We read about how long it would take for each to sprout.
It was a REALLY FUN project!

This sat in our windowsill for FIVE.....yes FIVE days....

And THIS is what we have now...
Talk about quick gratification!


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