Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How to Make Bread Crumbs

I really don't love to buy store-bought bread crumbs, because of the hydrogenated oils, and preservatives.
In fact, when they go inside something, like meatloaf, I always make my own.
However, to bread something, like chicken, they need to have that crunch, or be dried out, so it is a little more work. So sometimes, I end up at the store buying them...

But if you want to try it out....this is how you make your own...

I started with this...super fresh and soft. It doesn't have to be stale.

And this. (could totally use a food processor too.)
Then I lay them out on a baking sheet as evenly as possible.
If you want Italian, you add some parsley, salt, paprika and Parmesan cheese...

Then, there is THIS new product...it is olive oil spray, with no propellants.
LOVE IT!!!!!

So, I just sprayed this on top evenly.
Finally I put them under the broiler at 300....
THE minute that you take your eyes off of them, they will burn and your smoke detectors will go off I promise you! :)
It only takes around 5 minutes.

If they are layered too thick, you may need to stir them once.
When they look nice and golden, they are done.
Pull them out and bread just like you would from the box at the store.
These can be stored in the freezer, airtight, for many months as well!


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