Thursday, June 24, 2010

Child's Play

Our yard has literally been a work-in-progress since we bought our house 6+ years ago.
We tried for years to work with what we had and to make it better, but it just wan't happenin'

So last October, we threw our arms up and had a tractor come in and level it all off and rip everything out. We started from scratch.
It has been great since.

One of the projects though was the play structure that my husband built for the kiddos.

It had just been dirt and rocks underneath.
We knew we needed better than that for our monkey children.
So the hubby broke his back working back there...digging out the recomended depth so as to make it safe if those monkeys were to fall.
It took a couple weeks of random half-days to full-days of work.
I want to give him super props for that border. He designed it, had to make it level, and built it all himself. It isn't just sitting there either, so that in a couple years it is broken and missing is all built-in and connected. He really amazes me sometimes!

We researched the options.
Took into consideration cost and long-term life of the product as well as health and environmental issues.
We really wanted recycled rubber...but it is SOOO expensive!
Hubby wanted sand, but all I kept thinking is cat box...
We finally decided on play cedar chips.

They are large pieces of true cedar.
They have been smoothed. They are supposed to be sliver-free. They resist northwest bacteria, and they have a long life before breakdown begins to occur.
We had 6 yards delivered and hubby laid it out in only a matter of a couple hours.
(Much, much lighter then the 25 yards of dirt we had delivered in October.)

Then we laid topsoil, lime, grass seed, and peet moss around it so that we may get some grass back. My hands were blue for two days from the seed.

Anyway, just wanted to share how wonderful it looks...and how much the kids love it.
They have spent more time out there since it was done, then they ever did before.
In case anyone is looking for options...


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